My Latest MLP/Journey to the West Crossover Fic

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  1. (12:04:32 PM) Psy:
  2. (12:04:48 PM) Psy: “We are constantly trying to brief our soldiers on things that they should not be doing.” is a pretty great quote
  4. LATER
  6. (1:29:20 PM) Mr_Filament: Oddly Psy, that clip was super appropriate because one of my sisters just went on a first date and apparently kissed the guy
  7. (1:29:32 PM) Psy: how old is the sister
  8. (1:29:39 PM) Mr_Filament: 19?
  9. (1:36:26 PM) Mr_Filament: As it turns out the guy is in the military so they just traded phone numbers
  10. (1:36:43 PM) Psy: fil
  11. (1:36:53 PM) Psy: make sure your sister doesn't go down on an underage girl for him on skype
  12. (1:37:16 PM) Psy: like idk i bet she could rope one of your younger sisters into it
  13. (1:37:25 PM) Mr_Filament: Hahha, yeah, no
  14. (1:37:37 PM) Psy: no fil really this is a real danger
  15. (1:37:42 PM) Psy: you need to think really hard about it
  16. (1:37:54 PM) Psy: just picture it in your mind and try to figure out how to prevent it
  17. (1:38:07 PM) Mr_Filament: I've never forgiven myself for not punching the guy that said he was going to have a fun time with my sister in the back of his car
  18. (1:38:16 PM) Psy: did he
  19. (1:38:32 PM) Mr_Filament: No
  20. (1:38:35 PM) Psy: what if he did and it turns out he meant they like played pokemon with a link cable
  21. (1:38:40 PM) Psy: and your mind is just in the gutter
  22. (1:38:49 PM) Mr_Filament: Nah, this guy was bad news
  23. (1:38:56 PM) T_A: how long ago was this
  24. (1:38:56 PM) Psy: fil think about why your mind is in the gutter about your sisters
  25. (1:39:08 PM) Mr_Filament: Years
  26. (1:39:23 PM) Psy: why your mind went straight to visualizing this guy sweaty cramped banging your sister in the back seat of his car
  27. (1:39:43 PM) Psy: why that was the first thing you imagined
  28. (1:39:50 PM) Mr_Filament: Um,
  29. (1:39:52 PM) Mr_Filament: well
  30. (1:40:01 PM) Mr_Filament: OBJECTION
  31. (1:40:16 PM) Psy: did he look kinda like you
  32. (1:40:29 PM) Mr_Filament: No
  33. (1:40:33 PM) Psy: did you picture yourself in the backseat of a used volvo on top of your sister
  34. (1:40:36 PM) Psy: did it make you feel weird
  35. (1:40:42 PM) Psy: and you projected this weirdness onto this dude
  36. (1:40:51 PM) Mr_Filament: Oh, for some reason this all reminds me, I have a Evil Dead story for you
  37. (1:41:22 PM) Psy: why does discussion of your sisters make you think of evil dead, fil
  38. (1:41:28 PM) Mr_Filament: So there's this guy that works at the comic shop, he went some years back to a panel with the original evil dead stars
  39. (1:41:33 PM) T_A: he's thinking of the tree rape scene
  40. (1:41:33 PM) Psy: the film where the main guy's sister is penetrated by tree branches
  41. (1:41:37 PM) Psy: yeah see
  42. (1:41:41 PM) Psy: it's not just me here, fil
  43. (1:41:46 PM) Psy: i think you might have some issues
  44. (1:41:48 PM) Mr_Filament: Um
  45. (1:41:49 PM) Psy: regarding your sisters
  46. (1:41:50 PM) Psy: sexually
  47. (1:42:00 PM) Mr_Filament: It was the guy's chisled chin that made me think of it
  48. (1:42:10 PM) Psy: hahahahaha okay i'm done

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