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  1. Name: Tecki Richter
  3. Attributes:
  4. Agility d8
  5. Smarts d6
  6. Spirit d8
  7. Strength d6
  8. Vigor d6
  10. Skills:
  11. Fighting d6
  12. Notice d6
  13. Shooting d10
  14. Taunt d6
  15. Persuasion d8
  16. Riding d4
  18. Gear: 2 Laser Pistols (range 15/30/60, damage 2d6)
  19. Body Armor (+4 armor, -4 AP)
  20. Commlink
  21. 5 adhesive patches, 5 medi-gels, 20 bars of nutrient slab
  23. Charisma: 2; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
  25. Hindrances: Heroic
  26. Wanted (minor) (had a long-running secret relationship with a space dictator's daughter, the dictator was not super stoked about it)
  27. Vow (minor) (every beauty must be complimented, every smile brought out)
  29. Edges: Attractive
  31. Profile: Self-described as a "galaxy roamer" and described by others variously as "a nutcase with nice eyes", "trouble in ill-fitting pants" and "offender #36474", Tecki's hopped from planet to planet in search for adventure for as long as she can imagine. The concept of a home as a thing you might want is alien to her. She's a keen romancer but a bit oblivious; she's got a girl in every spaceport, but has left behind a fair share of broken hearts.
  32. While she'll talk at length about running to adventure, it's possible she's running from something as well. If so, no one's gotten it out of her--when the subject of her past's brought up, she tends to smile and order more wine.

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