I sure am looking forward to pacific rim

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  1. mex!
  3. - shape aspect
  4. is your mech a stout two-legged tank?  a crawly spider thing?  a humanoid shape with arms? something in between? define with an aspect that can be invoked when the shape is advantageous or compelled when it's not suited for the task at hand.  hooray.
  6. - unique ability aspect
  7. every mech can do standard mech stuff.  what makes yours special?  can it burrow through solid earth?  can it project a force field to protect tiny little civilians?  can it climb skyscrapers without damaging them?  can it cook a mean shrimp gumbo?
  9. mech skillz! distribute 4 pts between them, can't bring any lower than -1, and can't lower aux at all to prevent vanilla mex using it as a dump stat.
  10. firepower (ranged attacks basically)
  11. speed (also reflects dodging/agility)
  12. armor (resist damage)
  13. strength (both melee and like holding up a collapsing building or some shit like that)
  14. aux (optional, powers fancy unique abilities?)

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