Chinchy's Fate Core Charrie

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  1. Aliana the Brave
  4. High Concept: Accomplished Adventurer, Daughter of a Legendary Illusionist
  5. Savior of Brightvale Keep; Thief of the Onyx Stone; She who seduced and stole from the infamous Faun-hoofed Piper of the Darklight Woods. These are some of the deeds of Aliana Phatos, a determined young adventurer who's seen and done most everything.
  6. But her fame is a paltry thing compared to her father Rangad the Traveller, the legendary trickster-wizard and mankind's Great Ambassador, whose deeds are too innumerable and fantastic to summarize.
  8. Trouble: In The Shadow of Greatness.
  9. Aliana's relationship with her oft-absent father is strained and troubled. She's loathe to accept help from him on the odd occasion that he offers it, and she is hungering for a chance to solidify herself as a legend in her own right - not just the daughter of one.
  11. First Phase: The Tome of Evenwood Library
  13. Aliana was hired by an anonymous client to steal a tome from a ruined library in Evenwood. There, she was waylaid by an army of skeletons, and used both trickery and the benefits of unstable terrain to overcome the sheer numbers of the undying threat. (Being worked on!)

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