Trinity Bay

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  1. Trinity Bay
  2. Named for the three merchant houses that pooled their resources to build the city over 150 years ago, Trinity Bay is now the biggest and busiest seaport on the Northern coast of the mainland.
  3. Trinity Bay is governed by the Council of Five, an exclusive group of representatives from the five wealthiest merchant houses in the city.  Every three years the city shuts down for three days for the Accounting, where the assets of every merchant house that hopes to have a representative on the council are evaluated by a supposedly neutral committee made up of officers of the city guard.  Since the Council of Five has final say on every aspect of how Trinity Bay is run, its seats are desperately coveted.
  5. Setting Aspects:
  6. - Coin Above Crown: Wealth and property are prized above all in Trinity Bay, with even nobility and religion (powerful forces outside the city) coming distantly second.
  7. - Superstition Prevails: Higher education than arithmetic and literacy is rare even among the rich, beliefs in lucky/unlucky practices and objects are common, and misconceptions regarding the nature and potence of magic are rampant and often exploitable.
  8. - Everyone Has Their Price: No one is incorruptible in Trinity Bay, even the most devout cleric and the most principled guardsman.  A slumdweller might sell his children for the chance to join the wealthy elite.
  10. Districts:
  11. - The Financial District: Banks, auction houses, shopping, and the base of what passes for government here.
  12. - Parkhill: A tree-covered maze of curved cobblestone roads and posh estates, many of them overlooking the rest of the city at the edge of a steep cliff separating it from
  13. - The Warehouse District: A center of trade needs somewhere to store its commodities, and a working class needs somewhere to sleep near their places of employment, even if it happens to be a grid of miserable, cramped, identical rowhouses.
  14. - The Docks: Can't have a seaport without them!  Bordering and overlapping with the Warehouse District is a massive labyrinth of piers, drydocks, and blind alleys hiding a grimy shangri-la of sleazy taverns and brothels.  The city guard don't dare venture too far past the narrow corridor of safety next to the water, because once the ocean's out of sight the thieves' guild holds sway and has no qualms making examples of anyone who challenges their unspoken control of the city's underbelly.  Even the merchant houses on the Council of Five pay their dues if they want to keep their fleets and workers safe.
  15. - The Slums: A sprawling two thirds of the city is made up of assorted neighborhoods of poor consumers and workers, carefully supplied with the bare minimum working and living conditions to keep them complacent and keep the wheels of the economy turning.  Life isn't pleasant but the slim hope of upward mobility and the icy fear of instability keep everyone going through the motions with their head down.  Nearly everyone, that is.

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