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  1. When did you first use your powers?
  3. I was 16 and looking on Jeffslist for odd jobs to save up for a car, and this one in particular made me and my friends laugh our asses off because of the ridiculous florid language promising "whatever material treasures your heart desires" in exchange for "a week's psychic labor by one steadfast, courageous, and strong of will."  They goaded me into answering the ad and I did and the dude turned out to be an actual wizard and he put me into an astral projection coma and I spent a week (as i perceived it) doing the psychic equivalent of moving heavy boxes, and doing it past a garden of shrieking, cruel living flowers who kept talking shit about me and knew my deepest fears and darkest secrets.  When I woke up only 34 minutes of objective local time had passed, and the wizard guy said he was impressed with my resilience (and yeah I guess I never did let those flowers get me down) and in addition to giving me a burlap sack filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stacks of 20s, he offered to teach me the mystic arts.  I was like you know what, sure, and he tossed me an incredibly ornate leatherbound hardcover book and said some shit about "studying these arcane rotes until they may be cast with nary a thought."  Then I flew home and paid off my folks' mortgage.  The flying sounds impressive but it's actually really cold up there and way more efficient to just teleport.
  6. Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your powers?
  8. Remember those friends I mentioned?  I was in an (in retrospect, very minor!) argument with Hawley, my best friend since grade school, and I sort of wished I could make him understand my point of view, but what actually happened was I inadvertently cast some fuckin spell I'd learned.  I'm not even sure what exactly happened but he's fucking terrified of me now and the rest of the friend group hate me for fucking up his mind with my magic bullshit.  Probably for the best that I have no friends now since apparently I can no longer handle minor disagreements without throwing around massively destructive mystic energies!
  11. Who, outside the team, helps you control your powers?
  13. I see a therapist twice a week who specializes in superpowers-related trauma, both in those who have powers and those affected by them.  Dr. Sabrina Collins is helping me control my emotions, which also helps control the powers.
  16. Why do you continue to use your powers?
  18. Remember that "nary a thought" bit earlier?  The magic is part of me now and I'm not sure I could stop if I tried.  The metaphor I like to use is it's like a third arm that I have a ton of muscle memory for using and even if I concentrate on holding it still it's then just in the way all the time.
  21. Why do you care about the team?
  23. Colleagues are like friends at a safe distance, and I am so lonely.  Also the work we do together helps me feel like less of a selfish monster.

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