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  1. (3:21:51 PM) Tobi: "Expands in the" outside は school is a violation!! ~ Woman by っ school Ji · plan to take ri ~
  2. (3:21:58 PM) Tobi: ok using autotranslate may have been a mistake
  4. (3:22:34 PM) Rob: Every two child did, I will
  5. (3:23:23 PM) Rob: Ive seen actual hentai subs that I believe were babelfished
  6. (3:24:29 PM) Tobi: i just laughed at that in a manner that made snot shoot out of one of my nostrils
  7. (3:25:27 PM) Rob: When a demon girl introduces herself with "I am ruttish satan" I get that impression
  8. (3:27:00 PM) Tobi: i just assumed it was a blind date and ruttish satan is her okcupid username
  9. (3:27:50 PM) Tobi: the bookish schoolboy responds "i am shinji lives 2019"
  10. (3:28:20 PM) Rob: I love the idea that shy students and succubi find each other on dating sites
  11. (3:28:38 PM) Tobi: that would be a good manga, i'd read it
  12. (3:29:48 PM) Rob: "Hello, my name is unpronounceable. With your seed, I will sow discord and atrocity through all the virtue of the world. Nothing shall stop the Phallicide. No pets."
  13. (3:29:55 PM) Tobi: not even a porn, the schoolboy gets attacked by bullies while the succubus walks him home and the succubus accidentally kills the bully and they hide the body and go on the run to an alleged transfer point to the lower the planes inside mount fuji
  14. (3:30:17 PM) Tobi: its an actual romance on the run thing
  15. (3:31:08 PM) Tobi: it ends with the kid sacrificing himself and dying so the succubus can escape and the final page is a spread of them holding hands and overlooking hell together after she meets his spirit
  16. (3:32:03 PM) Rob: Sex demons being a recognized minority in japan is itself an interesting concept
  17. (3:32:17 PM) Rob: Abd possibly a commentary on rape culture?
  18. (3:33:54 PM) Tobi: oh yeah i imagine demons in general being a thinly-veiled minority class and there's some vague backstory about demons as a whole being massively out of work after a weird extradimensional political upheaval that means everyone goes to hell when they die and heaven is just closed off and you never see any angels
  19. (3:34:12 PM) Tobi: and hell is like the hell from achewood
  20. (3:34:28 PM) Tobi: the mundanity and the impersonal franchise corporatism

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